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Moderation and Training 

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With over 20 years experience in in moderation and emceeing as well as a career as a narrator, Chris combines the voice of a professional narrator with the improvisational and crowd-working skills of a show host to bring a smooth and polished performance to entertainment, science and technology events



From tech industry and improv events in Europe, to Tokyo Fintec Summits,  Pioneers Asia, and Tokyo charity and Embassy shows, Chris has moderated many events. Events sponsored by the likes of Nomura Holdings, The Nikkei Weekly, the International Institute of Economics and the Economic Ministry of Japan.

Skills as an improvisor come in handy during the inevitable glitches during events when the host must cover for speakers who are running late, or for elaborate set changes.


An expert interviewer who actually listens to answers and responds accordingly due to years of improvisation, Chris is an avid follower of the latest trends in tech and science, he can moderate panel discussions or field audience questions with ease.

Years hosting the Tokyo Comedy Store's Improvazilla Show have resulted in a relaxed and warm interview style, with a sense of humor thrown in for good measure. Your panelists will feel comfortable with their host, and that they're really being listened to, which makes for a more lively and informative panel discussion.

Fluency in three languages, English, Japanese, and Spanish, allow for communication with local production staff, facilitating backstage meetings and problem-solving.

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Video Hosting

Chris was excited to try out the latest 360-degree camera technology at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna! 

As an improvisor, Chris just needs a few bullet points rather than a complete script. For this video, he reviewed the main points before each take, and then just ad-libbed his lines. One or two takes on average meant that this was a quick shoot, with changes made on the fly to accommodate what was happening on the floor of the conference. 

For best results, watch on your pad or with virtual reality googles! It's a 360-degree video and you have to spin around to follow. Viewed on your computer, it's flattened out to a square, which isn't nearly as interesting. :)

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With over 40 years experience in public speaking, beginning in grade school, and 20-plus years as an improvisor, Chris is delighted to have had the opportunity to share secrets of presentation with speakers from Tokyo to Vienna.

His unique workshop Pitch Training Through Improv uses improvisation techniques and exercises to put speakers through their paces in a fun and challenging way. They must juggle interference, the introduction of new subjects, and calls to stretch their emotional range while delivering their pitch or speech. 


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This gets rid of the rote-memorization problems of being unable to deal with mistakes or distractions, and also having a one-size-fits-all approach to public speaking. Flexibility, expressivity, and verbal dexterity are developed with exercises that the workshop attendees can take back home with them.

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